Your outdoor space is sacred and shouldn’t be ruined by an invasion of insidious insects. Fenetex Retractable Insect Screens fortify your outdoor space and make it impenetrable to the most determined insects. These screens retract on insect-free days, but should insects arrive, they won’t get far. You take pride in your outdoor space, now take it back from insects with Fenetex Retractable Insect Screens.In addition to residential and commercial patios, Fenetex Retractable Insect Screens provide excellent insect protection for garage door openings, cabanas, and outdoor kitchens. No matter where you are and no matter how they approach, you’re protected from insects. 


Our insect screens are built with the same craftsmanship in mind as our heavy duty hurricane screens. They use a welded-end retention system that outperforms zipper-based solutions for a screen that is built to last and can withstand winds up to 75mph without blowing out.


Like all of our screens, our insect protection solution can be motorized with Somfy Motors that can be easily programmed  with third party integration systems. Sun, wind and rain is no problem with Somfy controls. Your motorized screen can deploy at the touch of a button. Pairing them with a smart home automation center means that you’re protected at any time, in any condition.


The frustration of a wrinkled or sticking screen is something no one should experience. Only Fenetex offers screens that can be adjusted to withstand the variables that typically cause wrinkling or sticking screens. Designed to last a lifetime, Fenetex shade screens utilize our two-part adjustable track system. The patented system tracks can be adjusted easily with a screwdriver ensuring they fit perfectly at installation and remain serviceable throughout the life of your home.


Fenetex Retractable Insect Screens can be paired with our Hurricane Screens or any other Fenetex Retractable Screens giving you the right solution for any condition. Each screen operates independently giving you the protection you want when you need it. 


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Insect Bug Screens  can 

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